Every project starts with a creative treatment and comprehensive estimates. The backbone behind any photography or video project is a solid production crew; handling detailed asset management from start to finish.

Productions Services:  Nino has a network of local producers in LA, NY & Paris. Producers are an important part of each project from the beginning estimates to end deliverables. They are always present on set aiding workflow for a successful shoot and adapting to last minute changes. For lower budget projects, Nino is well experienced in production management, typically with the aid of a production assistant. Nino has a professional network of local crew and award winning International Food, Cocktail and Prop Stylists. When traveling to NY or Paris for projects, Nino works as a "local".  

Retouching Still Photography:
Full retouching and post-production services are available that can include an on-set retoucher for tight deadlines. Post production re-touching is overseen to maintain quality control for client needs. 

Motion Reel Production:
Production, post-production editorial and editing in collaboration with SOLROK; a multidisciplinary studio in advanced new media, product campaigns, brand design and strategic creative development. Graphic Design, Audio effects, Animation in 2D or 3D design, Illustration. 

With web, e-commerce and social media, brand imaging is vital beyond single image making in order to engage a larger audience. We brand the look across all media. 

Engage a larger audience - Behind the scenes videographer available upon request.

 Favorite studios for photo-shoots:

Los Angeles Studios

New York Studios

Paris Studios